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Structure of an ipv4 address the types of ipv4 address available?

Structure of IP address IP address is used by routers, bridges and all kinds of end systems to focus data packets/frames on a particular destination/source port. Following de (MORE)

What is ipv4 protocol?

Well IPv4 is actually just part of the protocol TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. IPv4 is the current addressing scheme used by TCP/IP. The newer I (MORE)
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What are three basic characteristics of ipv4?

IPv4 basic characteristics: Connectionless - No connection is established before sending data packets. Best Effort (unreliable) - No overhead is used to guarantee packet deliv (MORE)

How large is a ipv4?

IPv4 goes from to There is a theoretical maximum of 4,294,967,296 unique addresses available, not including those behind NAT.

Why is IPv6 replacing IPv4?

"Because we will lose all IPv4 IP's when they run out." ------------------------------- I'm not sure what the respondent was trying to say here, but it doesn't come across as (MORE)

Why do we still use IPv4?

IPv4, The 32 bit Internet address scheme is still in use and most  networks, whether or and off the internet, are still using IPv4 and  have not yet switched over to the new (MORE)