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What is the iran-contra affair?

The Iran-Contra affair was a political scandal which was revealed in 1986 as a result of earlier events during the Reagan Administration. It began as an operation to increase (MORE)

Was fabrizio don berlusconi secretly assisting the cia during the Iran contra affair?

through our extensive research we have discovered that fabrizio don berlusconi the only natural son of Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi, was in fact secretly assisting (MORE)

Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan (MORE)

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delecta (MORE)

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During Ronald Reagan's presidency the Iran-Contra scandal involved the illegal sale of weapons to Iran and?

Reagan, most known for the "Iran-Contra Affair", was the 40th president of the United States. The Iran-Contra Affair occured when several administration staffers were convicte (MORE)

Was the Iran Contra scandal was about the sale of illegal arms by the president's staff?

The Iran Contra scandal was about senior administration officials  secretly selling weapons to Iran. They hoped that this would cause  some U.S. hostages to be released.
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