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What is an Iranian?

An Iranian is a person who is from the Middle Eastern country called Iran. Their official language is Persian (called Farsi/Parsi in Iran itself); though many parts have the (MORE)

What is the long term effect of the Iranian revolution?

One of the main long term effects was that Iran was one of the first Islamic countries.Another major long term effects is that Iranian women still are forced to wear there vei (MORE)

How did the Iranian revolution start?

\n. \n \n. \n 1) dissatisfaction of the Iranian people with the Shah's modernization efforts; 2) the Shah's authoritarian government; 3) disenchantment with the influence of (MORE)

What are the outcomes of the Iranian revolution?

Iranian Revolution (1978-79) resulted in the end of Pahlavi Dynasty  in Iran and establishment of a radical Shiite Islamic state. The  resultant Islamic state in Iran has ha (MORE)
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What were some of the effects of the Iranian Revolution?

The 1979 revolution in Iran was a failed and still largely unfinished revolution. The aims of the revolution was to set up a republic that brought democracy. Instead, the revo (MORE)
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What started the Iranian Revolution?

The underlying causes of the revolution are described in another answer. What literally started the Iranian Revolution were popular protests against the Shah of Iran. The secu (MORE)

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What were the main causes of the 1979 Iranian revolution?

Answer 1   Shah of Iran was a dictator, he lived just for himself and didn't  care about the will of people (specially their religion and poor  life ), killed Thousands (MORE)