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What is a fund of funds?

Funds of Funds  A fund of funds represents a mutual fund that invests in other  mutual funds. One of the best examples of this type of investment  style is the target date (MORE)

What was a cause of the Iraq-Iraq war?

There is no such thing as an Iraq-Iraq War.    Iran-Iraq War   If the question intends to ask about the Iran-Iraq War of  1980-1988, several causes of that war inc (MORE)
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When did Iraq get the name Iraq?

Al-Iraq literally means "the land between [the two] rivers" in Arabic. The name comes as a result of the Arabic translation of the region's former Greek Name "Mesopotamia" whi (MORE)

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Was the medicaid program a direct result of funds provided by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration or by a law passed by congress in 1950 or by Social Security Act of 1935 or by Title xix o?

In 1965 the federal government provided for another group -- the medically indigent -- through a program that is known as Medicaid. Title XIX of Public Law 89-97, under the So (MORE)

What year was Iraq called Iraq?

The term Iraq has existed as a regional term in Arabic for  Mesopotamia more or less since the Arab conquest of Mesopotamia in  the 7th century C.E. However, as the name of (MORE)