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Why are Iraqis refugee?

Some Iraqis are refugees because they are part of a people group ( people who helped the US, Christians, some types of Muslims) that is being persecuted and they had to leave ( Full Answer )
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What is the Iraqi alphabet?

The Iraqi alphabet is the same as the Modern Standard Arabic alphabet with a few additional letters that are specific to Iraqis. To find a good quality aplhabet and downloadab ( Full Answer )
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What did the Iraqis do to the Jews?

fired scud missiles at them during the 1st Gulf War. The question as posed is difficult to answer since Jews had lived in Mesopotamia from around 586 B.C.E. until the mid-1 ( Full Answer )
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When iraqis lived?

The modern country of Iraq was defined in the large-scale sorting out after the first World War, (early 1920s) so there have been Iraqis since then. Previously much of the are ( Full Answer )
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Are Iraqis cool?

Iraqis are the coolest people ever They wear so much fashionable clothes, when I went evn the guy who picked garbage had Dolce&Gabbanna clothinG......IVE NEVER BEEN THERE BU ( Full Answer )
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Are iraqis Muslim?

Not all Iraqis are Muslims but almost 97% of them are. there are small pockets of Judaism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. There are also minority Zoroastraianist Religions ( Full Answer )
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What is the Iraqis religion?

Iraq is a state, with Muslims in majority. The breakdown is 97% Muslim.(60% Shi'a,37% Sunni) 3% Christians, Jews and others.
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What is the race for Iraqi?

Generally, they are light-skinned Caucasians. More specifically, Sumerian and Babylonian, maybe a minority of Assyrians. did you know...studies showed that more than 50% o ( Full Answer )
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What is an Iraqi Icicle?

I believe it is a variety of rose but I have no more details. IraqiIcicle is indeed a variety of rose invented by Bernie Dowling forhis neo-noir novel Iraqi Icicle. The title ( Full Answer )
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Is Iraqi an adjective?

The word Iraqi is a proper adjective for people orthings from or in Iraq, the country. However, it is also a demonym( noun ) for a person from Iraqi (one Iraqi, twoIraqis).