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What is a IR drop across a resistance?

IR drop across a resistance is voltage. The letter I means current, and the letter R means resistance. Current times resistance, by Ohm's law is voltage.
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Difference between FT-IR and Dispersive- IR?

In FT-IR, an interferometer is used to collect a spectrum. This  interferometer has a source, a beam splitter, two mirrors, a laser,  and a detector. One part of the beam is (MORE)

What do IRS agents do?

As an Internal Revenue Agent, you'll be a proactive decision-maker as you work with customers, businesses, CFOs, CEOs, and the legal and financial communities. Our agents leve (MORE)

Can the IRS take your retirement?

This is a difficult question to answer without know the full underlying issues. A short simple answer to your question is - yes, the IRS can take your retirement. They can tak (MORE)

What is an ir emitter?

Depending on context, it could be an infra-red emitter. An emitter that emits at a wavelength longer than that of visible red. infra red emitter is a special pn juction device (MORE)

What is the IRS?

The IRS is the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS collects taxes  from US citizens and enforces tax laws.
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If the IRS owes you how long do you have before the IRS does not have to pay you?

You can file a claim for refund within the later of:1. Three years after the tax return was originally due2. Two years after payment was made.If you had withholding from your (MORE)

Applications of IR?

The application for IR spectroscopy include the identification of  functional group and structure elucidation. It also includes the  identification of substances and detecti (MORE)
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What is Track IR?

Track IR, created by NaturalPoint, is somewhat a leap towards virtual reality. In a selection of games, it allows you to move your head, and the camera will pan with that move (MORE)