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What does the iris in the eye do?

The, Iris expands and contracts to regulate the amount of light that enters the eye. The colored part of the eye is called the iris. It controls light levels inside the eye si (MORE)
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What does a iris do in eye?

The iris is the colored part of the eye and it is responsible for regulating how much light is allowed to pass to the back of the eye. So it serves as a protective mechanism (MORE)
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How do you have black iris?

One has to born having black irises but this a very (very) rare occurrence. More commonly, people have dark brown irises which may appear black, especially where the pupil is (MORE)

What is the iris?

The colored, and muscular ring around the pupil in your eye. It narrows in bright light and widens when light is dim.It also controls the amount of light reaching the retina
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What is an Iris scanner?

  Answer     A device that scans your iris when you look into the device. Used in movies a lot to portray a top secret area that they have to look into a device (MORE)

What are printers?

Printer are the most commonly used output devices that provides the user with a permanent visual record of the output data in human readable form known as hard copy.They can p (MORE)
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What does the iris do in the eye?

The iris regulates the amount of light that passes onto the retina  of the eye, by reducing its visual area in a bright light. It  accomplishes that by regulating the size o (MORE)

Why is the iris important?

Iris regulates the amount of light that enter your eye ball. It constricts when there is light of high intensity. It dilates when there is less light. So it protects the retin (MORE)

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