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Did Irish fight in American Revolution?

Irish Americans are estimated to have comprised overy 25% of the Continental Army  * 20 of Washingtons generals were of Irish descent, including Richard Montgomery (Co. Doneg (MORE)

How do Irish view Irish-Americans?

Speaking for myself and a few close friends we tend to just go "meh". If someone's parents were both Irish then that's not too bad or even their granparents, what is a pain is (MORE)

What is the definition of Irish Americans?

An Irish American is someone who has immigrated to America from Ireland, and families of those that immigrated here. We Americans are rather fond of those Irish, though, so on (MORE)

Why do you say African American but not Irish American?

For a long time in American society, it was perfectly fine to view anyone that wasn't Caucasian (white) as not being a "real" American and that was including Native Americans. (MORE)
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Can an American join the Irish Military?

As long as they meet the requirements, like having been in Ireland for 5 years, having no criminal convictions, never have been dismissed from other military and other conditi (MORE)