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Grace after meals in Irish language?

Deirimid buíochas duit, a Thiarna ~ ar son do thíolacthaí atáimid tar éis a gcaitheamh ~ trí Chríost, ár dTiarna. another answer: Go raibh maith agat, a Dhia, mar is (MORE)
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Which languages are spoken in the Irish culture?

The primary language of the Irish Republic and N.I. is English. The native language of Ireland is called Irish (Gaeilge) by the Irish and 'Gaelic' by non-Irish. It is a commun (MORE)
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Example of the Irish language?

Conas atá tú? (How are you?) Tá mé go maith. (I am good.) Cad is ainm duit? (What is your name?) Cá bhfuil tú? (Where are you?) Tá mé anseo, i mBaile Átha Cli (MORE)
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Is Hebrew an Irish language?

No. Hebrew and Irish are unrelated. Irish is Indo-European, while Hebrew is Semitic. Hebrew is related to such languages as Aramaic, Arabic and Assyrian.
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What does Emily mean in the Irish language?

Emily in Irish is Eimíle, it has no meaning it's just a phonetic translation. However as it is just a phonetic translation, if you want to keep the same pronunciation I hav (MORE)

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