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Was Irish McCalla Irish?

    No. She was an American actress, born in Nebraska. She was, however, of Irish descent; and acquired that nickname while in school. It may even have been intended (MORE)

What is the Irish for 'David'?

"Dáibhí" [daw-vy] and "Dáithí" [daw-hy] are regarded as equivalents of David. Dáithí/Dáibhí Dáithí The most common Irish form is now Dáibhí [dhaw-vee] but some sub (MORE)

How do Irish view Irish-Americans?

Speaking for myself and a few close friends we tend to just go "meh". If someone's parents were both Irish then that's not too bad or even their granparents, what is a pain is (MORE)

What is the Irish for 'I love Irish men'?

Let's see...there are a few ways...   Is maith liom fír Éireanach = I like Irish men.   Is bréa liom fír Éireanach = I ____ Irish men. 'Bréa' doesn't really (MORE)

What is the Irish for 'power'?

  There are four words in the Irish language for 'power':   cumhacht: power, authority, influence; strength, energy   cumas: capability, power   brí: strength, v (MORE)