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Was Irish McCalla Irish?

    No. She was an American actress, born in Nebraska. She was, however, of Irish descent; and acquired that nickname while in school. It may even have been intended (MORE)

Why Irish are poor?

The Irish are not poor...maybe you should go there then you will realise it is quite a wealthy first world (and expensive) country. The government is riddled with debt though. (MORE)

Is Will Ferrell Irish?

Will Ferrell is an American of Irish ancestry. Many Irish have a hard time following when an American says they are Irish, but Americans of Irish descent understand because in (MORE)

What is Irish history?

Answer   It is the history of Ireland (a nation in the British Isles) and the Irish people.   Answer   Im from Ireland and I dont consider myslef to be from a nat (MORE)

What is the Irish for 'I love Irish men'?

Let's see...there are a few ways...   Is maith liom fír Éireanach = I like Irish men.   Is bréa liom fír Éireanach = I ____ Irish men. 'Bréa' doesn't really (MORE)

Where do you get Irish passports?

 You must be an Irish citizen in order to be eligible for an Irish passport.  You have a right to apply for a passport if you are 18 years or over. If you are under 18, you (MORE)

Goodnight in Irish?

Oíche mhaith agat (to one person)   Oíche mhaith agaibh (to more than one)   To one retiring:   Slán codlata agat (agaibh).
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