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Who are people of Scots-Irish decent?

FAMOUS SCOTS-IRISH: Mark Twain (author), Thomas Edison (inventor), Elvis Presley (singer), Neil Armstrong (first man on moon), George Best (soccer star), Edgar Allen Poe (auth (MORE)
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Why do Irish people have red hair?

Less than 10% are. In the UK red hair is generally associated with people of Celtic descent, i.e Scotland and Ireland. It is believed the people of Scotland came from 5 differ (MORE)

Where did Irish people settle in Canada?

  The peak period of entry of the Irish to Canada occurred during and shortly after the Great Irish Famine in the mid 19th century; a great number of them settled in the (MORE)

Do Irish people get mad easily?

No, all people are different. Some get mad more easily than others. Maybe the accent of Irish people gives an impression that they're angry but most likely not.
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How do Irish people have black hair?

Only some Irish people have black hair. Others have red hair or blonde hair or other colours. Like any country, the people of Ireland are made of up of origins from many diffe (MORE)

Are Scottish people Irish?

No. During the Mesolithic period (around 10,000 BC) Irish and Scotish people were able to cross part of the Irish Sea via a land-bridge. These people were mainly hunters or hu (MORE)