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Do Irish people have bad tempers?

I think so to a point. I think it is a natural aggression Irish  people and people of Irish descent just have, like a chemical  defect, but a natural one. I'm not from Irela (MORE)

What fruit do Irish people eat?

A whole variety of fruit! Ireland produces a variety of fruit that is eaten there, but other fruits are imported and consumed there, as well! "A wide variety of delicious fr (MORE)
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What do Irish people look like?

Irish people are caucasian Europeans. They are stereotyped to be rufous (red-headed) and extremely white skinned. While true for a small portion of the Irish and Irish-America (MORE)

Why did people from Irish migrate to the US?

Ireland is the country, not Irish. People that live in Ireland are Irish. They migrated here because of the historic potato famine that left many Irish farmers dead or impov (MORE)
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Are Irish people nice?

Generally Irish people are regarded as being quite friendly. Many visitors to Ireland will say that. There are of course individuals in Ireland who are not very nice, just lik (MORE)

When did Irish people come to the US?

The Irish have been coming to America ever since the British set up colonies. Their was even at least one Irishman sailing with Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the West (MORE)
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What instruments do Irish people play?

They play all sorts of instruments such as guitars, drums, violins, uileann pipes, flutes, tin whistles, accordions, trumpets, harps, cellos, pianos and just about any other s (MORE)