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Where was iron curtain?

The Iron Curtain divided Europe into two halves, east and west. The western democratic countries were on the side of the United States. The eastern communist countries were on (MORE)

Why did an Iron Curtain appeare in Europe in the years after World War 2?

an iron curtain appeared in Europe in the years after world war 2 because after world war 2, the USSR, tried to turn the countries it had taken from Germany communist (mainly (MORE)

What was the significance of the Iron Curtain in World War 2?

The concept of the Iron Curtain, presented by Winston Churchill,  had significance on the end of WWII and beginning of the Cold War.  It presented the idea that capitalism w (MORE)

What describes the Iron Curtain?

An imaginery boundary between states controlled by the communist regime (Eastern Europe + East Germany) and states loyal to the United States (essentially) (Western Europe)
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Where was the Iron Curtain?

The "iron curtain" was a reference made by Winston Churchill to an imaginary dividing line between Eastern and Western Europe, with Eastern European countries under the contro (MORE)

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