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Do you have proof that Iron Eyes Cody was or was not Native American?

Iron Eyes Cody was the second son of two immigrants to the USA from Sicily, Antonio and Francesca deCorti, making him 100% Italian. He became an actor specialising in native A (MORE)
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Are ping eye 2 irons good?

Ping Eye 2 irons may be the best irons Ping or anyone else ever made. Mark Calcavecchia won in Montreal, June 24, 2012, using Eye 2's. Holed a lob wedge on the 16th. TV announ (MORE)
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Can low iron be a cause of dark circles under your eyes?

Having low iron could be a type of anemia. Anemia can cause someone to have pale skin. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate area of your entire body. It (MORE)
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Is dark rings under the eye caused by lack of iron?

  People generally associate dark rings under eyes with lack of sleep... that's what my mum and friends say... if they are really dark, like black, you could see an optici (MORE)
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What modern irons are similar to the Ping Eye 2 irons?

If you are referring to the early radical shape of Ping clubs unfortunately there are very few clubs which are styled in this way no, they all now have a similar uniform shape (MORE)

Why does christopher Cody Cyrus stay out of the public's eye?

heck if i kno.   i wanna find out just as bad as you do.   im curious and this is killing me.    I read somewhere that it's because Miley's mom wants the family (MORE)

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