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What do you do if your mechanic says your frame is bent unsafe to drive and irreparable but the insurance company disagrees?

With more detailed information I could be of more assistance to you. It really depends, back in the 'old days' when I started, you just couldn't do a lot of frame repair, that (MORE)
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What is the meaning of irreparable harm?

Answer . Irreparable harm is a harm that is hard to be compenasated or repaired. For example the patent infringmenet losses are sometimes irreparable, because it is almost (MORE)
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How do you use irreparable harm for an eviction?

If it can be proved that eviction will cause immense hardship orharm the tenant permanently, the eviction can be stayed. That,however, takes the intervention of a judge.
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Is it ok to sleep with another woman after yours has cheated on you and would this damage the relationship irreparably even if she has given you permission out of guilt?

No, it is not okay to sleep with another women even if you have been given permission. The key words are " out of guilt". She only said this out of guilt , she does do mean it (MORE)
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Use irreparable in a complete sentence?

"This sentences uses the word irreparable." If responses such as the quoted sentence were allowable by the public education system, such a policy would do irreparable damage (MORE)
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BLOW UP Irreparable in car racing?

The last time I blew the engine in my race car we swept some of the engine of the track with a broom, the portion that remained in the car was removed in pieces and went direc (MORE)
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Why communication is irreparable and unrepeatable?

communication is irreparable because the words once spoken by your mouth can't be taken back. It is unrepeatable as a meaning conveyed by one person will differ from the meani (MORE)