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Causes of irresponsible acts of the youth?

  Irresponsible acts of youth are brought about by many factors. Some of thses factors are: seeking attention, looking for love, dysfunctional or uncaring family members, (MORE)
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What does irresponsible driver mean?

It means that the driver is not a responsible driver. Does not hold him/herself accountable for his/her actions while on the road. Drivers like this often cause wrecks or dang (MORE)

What is irresponsible parenthood?

Irresponsible parents would be those who put their own needs ahead  of their children's needs or who make rash decisions without  thinking about how those decisions might af (MORE)
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Why young people spend their money irresponsibly?

Teenagers don't feel the cost of money. They know money is power and they think they feel more powerful when they use money to buy anything. They are not responsible and they (MORE)

What can I do about my girlfriend's irresponsible behavior?

Dump her!!! There's way other fish in the ocean:) (:single:) You can't really do something about someone else's behavior. She may have an underlying problem that she's not (MORE)