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Can you change domicile of an irrevocable trust?

  An irrevocable trust cannot be amended. An example of this is an Oklahoma case in which the Tax Commission could tax a trust created in Oklahoma as a resident domiciled (MORE)
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Can you borrow from an Irrevocable Trust?

You must review the provisions in the trust document to determine if the trustee can make loans.
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Can the funds in an Irrevocable Trust be garnished?

  Irrevocable Trust Funds   The short answer is NO, no way, no how, not a chance. The long answer is how long ago was the irrevocable trust fund set up? And did the p (MORE)

When does a revocable trust become an irrevocable trust?

There are all kinds of trusts and no single answer. Briefly: A revocable trust can be revoked by the maker (grantor or trustor)during their life. Most trusts automatically co (MORE)
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Can you sell assets out of a irrevocable trust?

You must look to the trust for your answer. A trust document contains all the provisions necessary for the management of the trust by the trustee. There should be provisions f (MORE)
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Can a irrevocable trust be amended or can it be changed?

There are limited circumstances that allow an irrevocable trust tobe amended and laws vary: . The trustor can write that power into the trust document. . The trust can be (MORE)

Does an irrevocable trust supersede a will?

Yes. An irrevocable trust supersedes a will. Any type of trustestablished while the creator of the trust is alive will supersedea will.
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Does an irrevocable trust have to end?

Trust law is a complicated topic and the laws vary in different jurisdictions and for different types of trust arrangements. Generally, with the exception of charitable trusts (MORE)