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How does irrigation work?

Underground piping is used to pump water from a water source (like a lagoon, reservoir or river), and send it through large sprinklers that are positioned (and built) above th (MORE)

What is moat irrigation?

moat irrigation are used to carry buckets of water where they are needed. Much like clotheslines that use pulleys to move clothes nearer or further away, pulley systems for ir (MORE)

Who uses irrigation?

Irrigation is used for agriculture . It is used to assist inthe growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, andrevegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and (MORE)
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What is communal irrigation?

Communal irrigation systems (CIS) are small-scale schemes andconstructed with the participation of farmer-beneficiaries thrutheir IAs.
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What is irrigation ditche?

Irrigation ditches are manmade channels that deliver water tohomes, farms, industries and other human uses.
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What is irrigation salinity?

Irrigating with water of higher salinity than a crop can tolerateresults in yield loss and decreased quality. Plants vary greatly in their tolerance to saline water. The exten (MORE)
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What is artificial irrigation?

Artificial Irrigation is nothing but water is supplied to plants atregular intervals for agriculture . During periods of inadequaterainfall.
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How did irrigation develop?

Archaeological investigation has identified as evidence ofirrigation where the natural rainfall was insufficient to supportcrops for rainfed agriculture. Perennial irrigation (MORE)