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What is moat irrigation?

moat irrigation are used to carry buckets of water where they are needed. Much like clotheslines that use pulleys to move clothes nearer or further away, pulley systems for ir (MORE)
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Irrigation in India?

 In India, generally surface irrigation is mainly done in tanjavur ditrict for growing of rice, paddy plants.  Contour farming is adopted in slope areas.  Sprinkler irriga (MORE)

Why is irrigation used?

All plants require water to grow, sometimes that water can be supplied by natural rainfall. Irrigation is used to suppliment the natural rainfall to ensure that plants receive (MORE)

What is bandhara irrigation?

it's a type of irrigation in which construction of small dams or bandharas are made which are 1.25 to 4.5 high across the river or stream to raise the water level to feed the (MORE)
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What is artificial irrigation?

Artificial Irrigation is nothing but water is supplied to plants at  regular intervals for agriculture . During periods of inadequate  rainfall.
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What are advantages of irrigation?

Irrigation is very beneficial to farmers. Especially those farmers who own land that are in places that don't get a sufficient amount of water. They use the strategy of irriga (MORE)
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What is sprinkler irrigation?

Drip Irrigation is its another name. In this techniques water is  supplied through tubes. It saves water and also through the help of  sensors it will improve farming.
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Why is irrigation important?

Irrigation is important because it increases the size of the  harvest one can get from a certain area of field.  And sometimes, if the land is too dry, irrigation has to be (MORE)