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What is the irritability of the cell?

Muscle cells are irritable and respond to stimuli. Muscle twitch is defined as contraction and relaxation in the muscle cell. The stimulus needs to be above a certain threshol (MORE)
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What is skin irritation?

When skin gets dry or itchy, or breaks out in a rash or hives, allthese are things that could be referred to as skin irritation. Somethings that can cause skin irritation are (MORE)

How do you irritate people?

There are many time honored techniques that can be easily employed in ones pursuit of irritating other people. Flatulence is, of course, the single most effective way to irrit (MORE)
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What is irritation?

irritations is someone who developes our natures to someone is i short as not in place or in mood........ok.....

Is hydrochloric irritant?

Depending on concentration: above 0.01 M HCl it can be quite irritant. Concentrated above 1 M is very toxic, fuming, acute blinding etc.
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What to do when your eyes are irritated?

Flush your eye out with lots of water, and make sure not to irritate it by rubbing it more. Even though eye-drops are annoying, they may be necessary to reduce irritation.

What is the synonyms for irritable?

Some synonyms for irritable: easily exasperated or exited, responsive to stimuli, choleric, crabby, cranky , cross, crotchety, fiery, grouchy, grumpy, irascible, peevish, p (MORE)

What does irritated mean?

Annoyed, bothered or disturbed. Example: -I was irritated when he split coffee on my pants. -my skin is irritated from laundry detergents. *in other context; irritated (s (MORE)