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What is the irritability of an amoeba?

irritability of amoeba is the stimulus that come during the amoeba  moves. its like a virus to the amoeba like some viruses come to us.  but they die after a few days. SEND (MORE)
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What is skin irritation?

When skin gets dry or itchy, or breaks out in a rash or hives, all  these are things that could be referred to as skin irritation. Some  things that can cause skin irritatio (MORE)

What does irritated mean?

Annoyed, bothered or disturbed. Example: -I was irritated when he split coffee on my pants. -my skin is irritated from laundry detergents. *in other context; irritated (sk (MORE)

What does irritable mean?

Irritable applies to an individual who is easily irritated, as in disturbed, upset, or angered. A synonym could be cranky, irascible, disagreeable, or ill-tempered.
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What rhymes with irritate?

no perfect rhymes, But for near rhymes find words that rhyme  with Ate.    irrigate   imitate, berate, concentrate, figure eight, immigrate, emigrate,  very late, (MORE)

Is iodine an irritant?

yes. usually iodine is diluted before use. If you get Iodine into your eyes immediately flush them with cold water. It will also cause a skin rash if not washed from the surfa (MORE)

What is irritation in agriculture?

Irrigation is providing water to crops when it is needed. In large fields and some gardens this is done through a system that sprays water on the field. it can also be done by (MORE)

What is the irritant in poison ivy?

Urushiol oil is the irritant in poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans). Specifically, the resin is a known irritant to most humans. Wildlife can come into contact with the irri (MORE)