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How do you cure underarm irritation?

. I am a teenager and recently i discovered my armpits are extremely red and sometimes itchy.I think I got irriated from shaving or maybe it's a reaction to the deoderent... I (MORE)

Who discovered irritable bowel syndrome?

Sir William Osler, a Canadian medical doctor who lived in the U.S. and England was the first to describe this condition when he wrote about it in 1892. He named it mucous coli (MORE)

What is irritable bowel symdrome?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS as known is a type of functional disorder which mainly affects the human digestive system. In order to get diagnosed from IBS, it is vital to h (MORE)

Why would my goldfish seem irritated?

This will certainly depend on what you mean by irritated. If the fish is swimming quickly and flashing or rubbing against things in the tank, this can be a sign of parasites. (MORE)

What does irritable mean?

Irritable applies to an individual who is easily irritated, as in disturbed, upset, or angered. A synonym could be cranky, irascible, disagreeable, or ill-tempered.
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What can harmful or irritating materials do to your health?

Continually exposing oneself to hazardous materials can result in  very serious health problems. For instance, people who worked  construction in the 1970s, and were continu (MORE)

Is iodine an irritant?

yes. usually iodine is diluted before use. If you get Iodine into your eyes immediately flush them with cold water. It will also cause a skin rash if not washed from the surfa (MORE)

What is irritation in agriculture?

Irrigation is providing water to crops when it is needed. In large fields and some gardens this is done through a system that sprays water on the field. it can also be done by (MORE)
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What can cause skin irritation?

Skin irritation can be cause due to any allergy or reaction, it will happen if skin is very sensitive. If you feel simply skin irritation start caring and protecting it from s (MORE)