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How old is Katharine Isabelle?

Katherine Isabelle is 33 years old (born Katharine Isobel  Murray, November 2, 1981).
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Where does the name 'Isabelle' come from?

The meaning of the French name Isabelle is God is my Oath. Isabelle, currently ranked #100 in US births, was most popular (#79) in 2007.
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How did Lyman Hall die?

Lyman Hall was one of three Georgians who signed the Declaration of  Independence. He died of natural causes on October 19, 1790 in  Burke County, Georgia, at the age of 66. (MORE)

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Does isabelle fuhrman have a boyfriend?

No, she doesn't have a boyfriend. She would mention him if she did.) not really she might want the world to not know now mabey i am dating her but no she does not have a boyfr (MORE)