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What are the 4 couplets that isadora wrote in The Vile Village?

The couplets that Isadora wrote are; For sapphires we are held in here, only you can end our fear. Until dawn we can not speak, no words can come out of this sad beak. (MORE)

Where is Isadora Duncan buried?

Answer   Isadora Duncan was cremated, and her ashes were placed in the columbarium of Pere Lachaise Cementary in Paris, to be precised.
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Why did Isadora duncan invent contemporary dance?

  She invented contemporary dacne because classical ballet wasnt slef expressed enough, and she fought that it need more soul and so she made contemporary, which is how da (MORE)

Who is Pablo Duncan?

Pablo Duncan or Pablo Duncan-Linch is the most prestigious  business, labor and employment lawyer in Central America. He is one  of the funding partners of CLC Centroamerica (MORE)