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What is Isaiah known for?

Isaiah, son of Amoz, is known for the book of Isaiah, of which he was one of the two principal authors. Some Christians have more recently reinterpreted the Book of Isaiah, (MORE)

Was Isaiah an apostle?

Isaiah was not an apostle of Jesus. Isaiah lived about 740 years earlier. He is considered one of the greatest of the prophets by Jews, Christians, and Muslims (although he is (MORE)

Which tribe is Isaiah from?

Although nothing is indicated in the Holy Scriptures, he would've only been from 1 of 3 Tribes: Judah, Benjamin or Levi (the priests) seeing that at his time there were only 3 (MORE)

How did Isaiah die?

This is not recorded in the Bible but one tradition is that he was sawn in two by King Manasseh.   Answer:The manner of his death is not mentioned in the Bible, however a (MORE)

When did Isaiah write Isaiah 714?

Isaiah's ministry lasted approximately 55 years, from about 739 B.C. to 686 B.C. We don't know the exact date of this prophecy, but King Ahaz was ruling. His rule was from 742 (MORE)

When did Isaiah live?

The prophet Isaiah's time can be fixed by reference to the reigns of the Kings in which he prophesied.   Isaiah 1:1 (King James Version)   The vision of Isaiah the s (MORE)

How many Isaiahs are there?

Religious Opinions Answer 1 Jewish tradition has always been that the entire book of Isaiah was written by the one and only prophet by that name. Answer 2 There is a dissent (MORE)

What did Isaiah do as a prophet?

Isaiah recorded his prophecies in writing, which have come down to  us today as the Old Testament book of Isaiah. His prophecies cut to  the heart of Judah's troubles which (MORE)

Was isaiah a cupbearer?

No, Isaiah was a prophet. You may be thinking of Nehemiah. He was a cup bearer to King Artaxerxes the Persian King where Nehemiah and his countrymen were in exile.See Nehemiah (MORE)