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What does 'ish kabibble' mean?

Ish Kabibble was a nickname used by a renowned cornet player and a stand up comedian. As a spoken phrase, it is slang for "Why should I care?"
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What does Ish Kabibble mean?

  Ish Kabibble (1908-1994) was a comedian and cornet player. Born Merwyn Bogue, he took the name Ish Kabibble from the lyrics of one of his comedic songs, 'Isch ga-bibble' (MORE)

What words end with suffix -ish?

abolish. alumish. anguish. babyish. baddish. baldish. beamish. bearish. beauish. biggish. blemish. blueish. boarish. bobbish. boggish. boobish. bookish. boorish. boxfish. brin (MORE)

What do you do when a guy has a stalker-ish crush on you but you are definitely not interested?

  Answer   If he is crossing the line between actively showing his interest and intruding on your privacy and personal space you need to be determined. Don't try to (MORE)

Why is my Gold ish trembling and staying on the bottom of the tank?

Your goldfish may be ill with flukes if they have been dashing & rubbing themselves against anything. It's also possible that it is a water quality issue, so you should test f (MORE)
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We have little birds around I was wondering what they were.They are yellow 'ish' green 'ish' almost sparrow looking.What kind of bird are they?

  Hard to even guess at answering your question without knowing what country you are in and getting a better description. If you are in North America I would suggest you (MORE)

What is a easy-ish way to get shiny Pokemon in Crystal version?

  Thank you for your question. There is no cheat for getting shiny Poke'mon in silver, gold or crystal. There are a few easier ones though:   1. Silver - Lake of rage, (MORE)

What are end with ish?

Wordsending with -ish:   -ish as a suffix:   * babyish  * boorish  * childish  * devilish  * elvish  * foolish  * fetish  * freakish  * ghoulish  * impish  * p (MORE)