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What does Ish Kabibble mean?

Ish Kabibble (1908-1994) was a comedian and cornet player. Born Merwyn Bogue, h e took the name Ish Kabibble from the lyrics of one of his comedic songs, 'Isch ga-bibble'.
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What words end with suffix -ish?

abolish. alumish. anguish. babyish. baddish. baldish. beamish. bearish. beauish. biggish. blemish. blueish. boarish. bobbish. boggish. boobish. bookish. boorish. boxfish. brin (MORE)

What is an adjective ending with -ish?

The "ish" suffix can be used to change some nouns into adjectives Examples: foolish , sheepish, mulish, clownish
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What are the words ending in ish?

words ending with ish:   * stylish  * childish  * rubish  * dish  * wish  * fish  * sluggish  * finish  * polish  * squeamish  * swish  * foolish  * furnish  * (MORE)

What are end with ish?

Wordsending with -ish:   -ish as a suffix:   * babyish  * boorish  * childish  * devilish  * elvish  * foolish  * fetish  * freakish  * ghoulish  * impish  * p (MORE)

What does 'ish kabibble' mean?

Ish Kabibble was a nickname used by a renowned cornet player and a stand up comedian. As a spoken phrase, it is slang for "Why should I care?"
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