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What is a republic?

A republic is a country which is not run by an hereditary head of  state. That is, it is not run by a king or any other sort of  monarch who inherited the job from his or he (MORE)

Where is Islam?

Islam is a religion and not a location. Islam religion began in  Arabia 1400 years ago but has spread all throughout the world since  then. Islam is the world's second large (MORE)

What is Islam about?

Islam is the religion of monotheism and peace. It is the God religion since start of universe creation. All God prophets called their people to Islam. Islam means submission t (MORE)
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What is Islamism?

Islamism is a newly invented term by western media and politicians. It is used to mean excessive following of Islam. It is used to mock the people who strictly follow their re (MORE)
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What is an islam?

Answer 1 Islam is not an object, but rather it is a religion. As of July, 2014, almost a quarter of the people are currently following the Islamic ways. Many of those are loc (MORE)
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Is Islam in?

Islam in not something that should be in or out. Islam is the faith of around one quarter of world population. A religion has no need to be "in" or "out." Islam is a way of (MORE)
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What is Islam?

Answer Islam is an Arabic word that means submission and surrender to God.In this sense Islam began by the universe creation where all Godcreatures were created under their s (MORE)

Will in islam?

if you want happyness in your life just convert into islam and you will see or just read about it & u will see the beaty of islam. ask any muslim how they feell about islam in (MORE)

What is the concept of Islamic Republic of India?

Indians Muslims have never been Pakistanis and Bharati Hindus have never been Indians. All the self-importance the Bharat has been making a show thereon, have been the Indian (MORE)