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What is Islamophobia?

Definition "Islamophobia" really has no definition and can be easily appliedto any criticism of Islam or of Muslim practices, even if the wordsare spoken by Muslims. Islamoph ( Full Answer )
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Why do people have Islamophobia?

islamophobia is when people have a fear of Muslims. one of the mane reasons for this fear is 9/11. this is because the people who planned the accerdent were muslims.
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What causes islamophobia?

The main cause for Islamophobia is not the consistent acts of terrorism performed by Muslims. [These include the 9/11 bombings which called hundreds of Americans and also the ( Full Answer )
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Is islamophobia racist?

Because Islam is a religion and not an ethnic group, discrimination against Muslims in general cannot be classified as racist.
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Would islamophobia be counted as being racist?

Although I'm sure many Muslims would take offense to it, I don't believe it is racist. My reasoning behind it is that any phobia is a mental disorder, some minor, some severe, ( Full Answer )
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How do you stop Islamophobia?

Islamophobia is fueled by ignorance, so the best way to combat it is to let the world see more examples of Muslims going about their everyday lives as ordinary people.
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Why believe in Islamophobia?

Answer 1 I am a Muslim I am a normal person I'm not a space creature or a scary beast I am a normal human being!! I have a life , I have faith , I have memories , I have ( Full Answer )
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Is there any effect of terrorism in increasing of Islamophobia?

"Islamophobia" is a nebulous term since nobody takes the time to give it a coherent definition. What seems best as a definition would be "hatred of Muslims (anti-Muslim), hatr ( Full Answer )
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Is media a cause of islamophobia?

Yes, as obviously most Muslims you meet on the street aren't extremists who blow themselves up etc. However these peoples follow a distorted image of Islam and cannot really b ( Full Answer )
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What are problems with the term Islamophobia?

It might be used to describe people who are not hateful towardsMuslims, but, are concerned with the various atrocities in recenttimes. Even Muslims can be the victims of group ( Full Answer )