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What is isolating hazard?

If you isolate a hazard you place it where it is not possible to a person to be exposed to it. You do this by putting it out of reach or by enclosing it or placing other barri (MORE)

What are the implications for relevant parties when carrying out the safe isolation procedure?

Electric shock , burns .. Before you start work, you need to ask yourself " are you a competent person and do you follow the correct procedures for correct isolations of sup (MORE)
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What is geographic isolation?

A population that becomes divided (isolated) by a physical barrier, allowing each of the separated groups an independent evolutionary path.
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What is an isolation transformer?

 An isolation transformer does not have a direct electrical path from the power input side to the power output side. The term is also used to define how much electrical iso (MORE)

What is biological isolation?

Biological isolation occurs when an individual or in most cases a population of individuals do not have contact with other species that they are capable of breeding with or in (MORE)

What is isolation in WWII?

Isolation is an American term which states the belief of some Americans that the U.S shouldn't intervene with European affairs, (WWII) however, that changed after pearl harbor (MORE)

What is isolation weathering?

Expansion of rock surgaces heated by the Sun followed by  contraction as the temperature falls can allegedly weaken bonds  along grain boundaries and cause subsequent flakin (MORE)

What is behavioral isolation?

Potential mates meet, but choose members of their own species.  Involves species or mate recognition through cues such as visual  stimuli (plumage, courtship displays), audi (MORE)
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What is DNA isolation?

DNA isolation is the process of deriving a DNA from a sample with  the help of various chemical reactions. The first DNA isolation was  done in 1869 by Friedrich Miescher.