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What are the disadvantages of isolationism?

There are any number of disadvantages to an isolationist foreign  policy. It can create a false sense of security in that foreign  wars seem to be avoided by being isolation (MORE)

What is the difference between isolationism and imperialism?

Isolationism is a foreign policy that avoids extensive defense  and trade agreements with other nations. This is done to avoid wars  or some type of economic problems. The U (MORE)

What was Isolationism?

Isolationism is generally considered to be a nation's foreignpolicy that has strong limits to comprehensive defense and tradeagreements. Such a policy avoids external agreemen (MORE)

Why is isolationism good?

It is good because it helps the country save money on war and other things. It always helps because the country would be on its own and not worring about other people

Factors leading America out of isolationism?

During World War I, the Germans destroyed much American commerce on  the Atlantic Ocean. While the pleas from Europe were part of the  equation, the destruction of American (MORE)