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What is an isomer?

An isomer is a molecule or compound that has the same number of atoms as another but a different structure, different physical and chemical properties.
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Isomer of CH2Cl2?

There would be none in the case of this compound because no matter how the atoms are oriented the structure is still the same
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Is glucose an isomer?

Yes. Glucose is an isomer of fructose and vice versa. Both have the molecular formula C6H12O6. Isomers are compounds with the same number of different elements per molecule bu (MORE)

What are the isomers of heptane?

  2-methyl hexane ; 3-methyl hexane ; 2,3-dimethyl pentane ; 2,4-dimethyl pentane ; 2,2,3-trimethyl butane...   The nine isomers of heptane are: n-heptane (or normal (MORE)

What are the Isomers for C4H6?

7 isomers are for C4H6     1,2-Butadiene   1,3-Butadiene  Cyclobutene   Dimethylacetylene (2-butyne)   Ethylacetylene (1-butyne)  1-Methylcycloprop (MORE)

What is metamerism isomers?

Metamerism arises due to different alkyl chains on either side of  the functional group in the molecule   For example , C4H10O represents  methoxypropane (CH3OC3H7) and (MORE)


Isomers have equal chemical formula while having different chemical structures. CH3NH2 does not have different chemical structures with the same chemical formula. Therefor CH3 (MORE)


Isomers are chemical compounds which have the same chemical formula while having different chemical structures. AlH3 does not have compounds with different chemical structure. (MORE)