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What is isomerism?

In chemistry, isomers are organic compounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas .
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What is solvate isomerism?

It's when there are two different neutral groups. One attached to the molecule and one not. The isomer will form whenever the two neutral groups switch
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What is optical isomerism?

such compounds which similar molecular formula but have different behaviour towards plane polarise light called optical isomers & this phenomenon is called optical isomerism
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What is the isomerism inCH3CH2CHO?

CH3CH2CHO (propanal) and CH3COCH3 (propanone) are functional isomers as they differ in the functional group.
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What is Geometric isomerism?

The phenomenon in which different compounds have the same molecular and structural formula, but different geometry due to different spatial arrangement of groups with respect (MORE)
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What is meant by isomerism and what are the types of isomerism?

Isomerism is the phenomenon in which two or more compounds have same molecular formula but their structural formula is different. The compounds are called Isomers . There (MORE)
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What is meant by isomerism?

Two or more compound having same molecular formula but different structural Formulas are called isomers and process is called Isomerism.
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What is position isomerism?

A position isomerism is an isomerism that is substituting atom. It is also known as a group occupies with different positions you cannot find this word in a free dictionary.