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Why is a dilation not an isometry?

Because the image is not the same size as the preimage. To do a dilation all you do is make the image smaller or larger than it was before.
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What is physics?

Physics is the study of how things work. Physics seeks to explain the basic interactions of matter and energy. It studies matter, motion, space, and time. Generally, it is the (MORE)

Is a dilation an isometry?

A dilation is never an isometry. I know this because I got the answer wrong on a quiz and I my teacher told me the correct choice.
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What is the physices?

Physics is a branch of deals with all the physical mechanisms undergoing in this world.Physics (from Greek: physis "nature") is a natural science that involves the (MORE)

What is physical?

The adjective "physical" is usually used in reference to the human  body. It is sometimes used colloquially to refer to intense bodily  activity or violent bodily contact as (MORE)
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What can physics do for you?

Physics does everything for you. It is the gravity that holds you on the ground. It is the nuclear reaction that powers the sun. It is the solar energy that gives life to plan (MORE)
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Why is physics called physics?

Physics is the study of matter and energy and their mutual  relationship!!   Being very concise and short.
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What is an isometry?

A isometry is a transformation where distance (aka size) is preserved. In a dilation, the size is being altered, so no, it is not an isometry.