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What is the opposite of isotonic?

For isotonic related to tonicity (e.g. liquid salinity) the opposite would be anisotonic (non-isotonic), either hypotonic or hypertonic. For muscular contraction, the opposi (MORE)
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What does isotonic mean?

Isotonic literally translates to "equal tension." It means that two substances have the same concentration of a solute. adjective Physiology   1 (of muscle action) taking p (MORE)

What is the term of isotonic?

  Isotonic (as far as cell biology goes) describes the solute concentration of the inside of a cell as compared to the environment outside the cell. When the concentration (MORE)
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Which are isotonic?

  Isotonic solution is a solution in which the concentration of solutes is essentially equal to that of cytosol of the cell placed in that solution. There is no net osmoti (MORE)
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Definition of isotonic?

isotonic is when the solute concentration inside a membrane is equal to the solute concentration outside that membrane.
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What is an isotonic solution?

An isotonic solution is one which neither absorbs nor diffuses the water molecules, when brought in contact with living cells.
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What is meant by isotonic?

You have 60 % of water in your body. 40% in the intro-cellular compartment and 20 % in the Extra cellular compartment. So it comes to be 40 liters in a 'Average' man weighing (MORE)
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What is hypertonic isotonic?

Hypertonic solution is one which has higher osmotic concentration  and solvent concentration as compared to another solution. Isotonic  solution is a solution that has same (MORE)