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What is isotonic?

  taking place with normal contraction denoting or relating to a solution having the same osmotic pressure as some other solution, esp. one in a cell or a body fluid.
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What is an isotone?

One of two or more atoms whose nuclei have the same number of neutrons but different numbers of protons.
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What is meant by isotonic?

You have 60 % of water in your body. 40% in the intro-cellular compartment and 20 % in the Extra cellular compartment. So it comes to be 40 liters in a 'Average' man weighing (MORE)
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Which are isotonic?

  Isotonic solution is a solution in which the concentration of solutes is essentially equal to that of cytosol of the cell placed in that solution. There is no net osmoti (MORE)
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Why is a solution isotonic?

It is considered isotonic in relation to another solution when its water potential is equal. Therefore there should be no net movement of water (osmosis) if a partially permea (MORE)
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What is isotonic in chemistery?

An isotonic cellular environment occurs when an equal solute concentration exists inside and outside the cell. Molecules flow in and out at an equal rate by osmosis, causing t (MORE)
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What are isotones in chemistry?

Isotones have the same number of Neutrons but different protons, like Boron 12, and Carbon 13. If you meant Isotopes, they have the same number of protons but different number (MORE)
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What is hypertonic isotonic?

Hypertonic solution is one which has higher osmotic concentration  and solvent concentration as compared to another solution. Isotonic  solution is a solution that has same (MORE)