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Can women be military police?

YES women can become MPs. I was in Iraq in 2006-2007 and served with several females MPs.
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Why have israeli built up a strong military?

-- On the day  after modern-Israel became a country, the armies of seven other   nearby countries rolled into Israel to make sure that it did not  last long.    - (MORE)

Are military police officers real?

Yes. They are the policing arm of the various military branches (e.g.: the US Navy & Coast Guard maintain their own SP's (Shore Patrol) - the Army and the Marines maintain the (MORE)
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What classes do you have to take to be a military police?

you have to go trough basic training just like everyone else and go to military police tech schools where you will receive specialized training in weapons, self defense, laws, (MORE)
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How does the Israeli Military celebrate Shabbat?

In the Israeli military only necessary actions are done on Shabbat.   There are no training, but if there are things that have to be done (like patrolling in the borders) (MORE)
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Can Muslims serve in the Israeli military?

Yes.    Numerous Muslims serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. The majority  come from Bedouin families as opposed to the Palestinian Israelis,  but there are some Pal (MORE)

How long is Military Police training?

Army Military Police School is 2 months.  Basic Training and MP School is a combined 20 weeks long called OSUT, which is One Station Unit Training
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Who are the German military police?

There were several different military police. The Army had a military police who were wore the standard army uniform but wore a different eagle and swatika on their uniform an (MORE)