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Was Jesus an Israelite?

Simply put, YES, Jesus is an Israelite. Note that the term Israelite refers to anyone of the Hebrew nation (and anyone who was a native of the ancient kingdom of Israel). Th (MORE)

Is Moses an Israelite?

Well, actually, no. They weren't Israelites until they went to Israel, which is where Moses led them to. They were called Hebrews before that, and Moses WAS a Hebrew.   A (MORE)

Were the Israelites Jewish?

In early Hebrew times, there were two separate kingdoms. The southern kingdom was Judah, and its early inhabitants are called Judahites. From about the time of the Babylonian (MORE)

What race were the Israelites?

The Israelites and Judahites were West Semitic people, quite closely related to the Canaanites. And the Hebrew language evolved from the Canaanite language during the late te (MORE)

Was Job an Israelite?

No, because Israel begin with Jacobs. Bible Scholar believe that the book of Job is the oldest Bible where I believe that Job is not descendant of Israel. In Job 1:1, it is (MORE)

What did the Israelites believe in?

They believed God was the greatest being. They called on him in  their worst times.    Answer: The Israelites believed in the Most High, our one  true Creator and kee (MORE)

Are there black Israelites?

Answer 1 - Jewish and Secular Perspective   Today the term "Israelite" is not used to refer to the Jewish  Nation, this is a term normally used to refer to the ancestors (MORE)

Was Muhammad an Israelite?

no   No; he is not an Israelite. But the question that most of us ask now, arose before during the time of Muhammad s.a.w; preaching the words of God onto Arabia. Was Mu (MORE)

What are the israelite laws?

The Israelite laws are the laws contained in the Torah as explainedin the Oral Law (Mishnah). They are also known as the laws ofMoses. There are hundreds of examples. The laws (MORE)