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What is an Israelite?

Answer 1 The Israelites are the Jewish people: a person belonging to theworldwide Jewish community, claiming descent from Jacob (orconverted to it) and connected by cultural (MORE)
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Who are the Israelites?

Hebrews and Israelites are the same people. Today they are called"Jews". The Jewish people are descendants of Abraham, whose Semiticancestors lived in the Fertile Crescent and (MORE)
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Who were the Israelites?

The Israelites were the chosen people (Exodus ch.19; Deuteronomy26:16-19) whom God brought out of Egypt under Moses, whom He chosefor that task. They were the ancestors of tod (MORE)

Was Job an Israelite?

No, because Israel begin with Jacobs. Bible Scholar believe that the book of Job is the oldest Bible where I believe that Job is not descendant of Israel. In Job 1:1, it is (MORE)

Was Jesus an Israelite?

Simply put, YES, Jesus is an Israelite. Note that the term Israelite refers to anyone of the Hebrew nation (and anyone who was a native of the ancient kingdom of Israel). Th (MORE)

Who was Israelite?

Those who were descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob(whose name became Israel), in Scripture.
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Why were israelites caled israelites?

Becauses colletively, they are the 12 sons of Israel (Jacob). The same is done for all peoples, ie... sons of Edom are called Edomites, etc. Today, true Christians are called (MORE)