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Where is Istanbul?

Istanbul is located in Turkey. It is the only city that spans twocontinents (Europe and Asia). Istanbul is one of the greatestcities in the world and as of 2007 has a populati ( Full Answer )
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What is the population of Istanbul?

14,697,164 (2007) . \nWith the latest official results, it is said that Istanbul has 14 million people living in itself. \nIn some cases, some academics argue that the popula ( Full Answer )
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How old is Istanbul?

The city in Turkey dates from ancient times. In the Ottoman Empire, it was called Istanbul by the Turks after it was conquered in 1453, and this is its exclusive modern name ( Full Answer )
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What is the religion for Istanbul?

Istanbul is in Turkey, and Turkey is a Moslem country. From what I know, it is about 98% Moslem, though the veiling of women is not obligatory.
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What to do in Istanbul?

You can visit Blue mosque, take a walk along the Bosphorus or go to luxery shpo centers as Istinye Park or Ak Merkez. There are more then 10m people so you may not get bored.
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What continent is Istanbul on?

It is in Both Europe and Asia, the only city in the world that liein two continents.
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What is there to do in Istanbul?

There are many historical sites to visit including palaces like the Dolmabace and the Topkapi. The Princes Islands make a day's visit. There is the Bazaar, the Beyazit Tower a ( Full Answer )
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What year Istanbul named Istanbul?

1453 is the year that Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans. There is a large discrepancy over the exact year that the city was named Istanbul. Different historians and ( Full Answer )
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Is Istanbul a state?

No, Istanbul is not a state or a country, it is the biggest city/province of Turkey .
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What are the landforms in Istanbul?

Becklevia,Moausk,Churches and you may think im tricking you but anlandform in istanbul is called yollo yollo in arabic mean large