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Why was Germany required to pay reparations for World War 1?

Under the Treaty of Versailles (1919), Germany had to pay damages  to the Allies, particularly France where most of the fighting  occurred and where large regions had been c (MORE)

What is the starting pay as a sales associate at Pier 1?

  Answer   I am a sales associate for Pier 1 for my 3rd year. I started off at 6.50 hr and now (2007) I am at 8.50. If I do not make my sales quota for the month, I a (MORE)

Why is she ignoring you?

if she is your friend and she is ignoring you then that means that she is mad at you but if she is your girlfriend then that means she isn't in to you anymore and she wants to (MORE)

Who did Germany have to pay reparation payments to after World War 1?

Germany had to pay all the allies for all of the damage. This was the British and French plan to make Germany pay everything back, called "The Treaty Of Versailles". Germany h (MORE)

How did the US pay for the costs of its involvement in World War 1?

The US paid for the costs of its involvement in World War 1 by  using up 52 percent of its GNP during that period for war expenses.  Its belated entry into the war however h (MORE)

Why did only Germany have to pay retribution for World War 1?

Germany was the only Central Forces country to appear on the Treat of Versailles, with Great Britain, Italy, France, and the United States on the other side. This may have to (MORE)
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What should you do if your best friend is ignoring you and only paying attention to her boyfriend?

Invite her to your house or somewhere that she won't bring him. Explain to her that, although she wants to spend alot of time with him she can't ignore her other firends (such (MORE)

Which nation was forced to pay reparation after World War 1?

Germany were crippled by othe great nations such as Britain and France, into paying 6.6 million in reparations aswell as land being either taken away or demilitarised. Germany (MORE)