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What do you do when deacons lie?

You might need to clarify a bit. If you mean he lied during a sermon that might need to be addressed with the Priest of that Parish. If though, he just lied to you or someone (MORE)

What if you lie to a sociopath?

Nothing. They can't tell anymore than anyone else can if you're lying. However, if they find out that you lied, they'll probably try to get some sort of revenge.
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What was the house blessing on its a wonderful life?

  Bread - that this house may never know hunger. Salt - that life may always have flavor. Wine - that joy and prosperity may reign forever.   Bread - that this hous (MORE)

Do narcissists lie?

Simple answer: yes; they lie a lot because they see nothing wrong with literally living within their own world and, if you don't indulge them by going along with their ridicul (MORE)

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Why would your 12-years-old girl lie about everything even though she's bright and gets straight A's and has a wonderful house and a wonderful family who loves and admires her and lots of friends?

Answer   The truth is nobody know the girl more than she does. Everybody might think shes happy but really deep inside she not. She don't want anyone to know the real her (MORE)