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Is Sicilian a different language from Italian?

  Yes it is. The Sicilian dialect incorporates Arabic,Spanish,Italian,Greek,Latin and many other languages because of Sicily's stratigic location in the center of ther Med (MORE)

Is Italian an easy language to learn?

Native speakers of English and the Romance languages usually find Italian easy to learn.   In my opinion, Italian is the easiest of the romance languages to learn by far. I (MORE)

What language is the closest to Italian language?

Lexicon-wise, French is the closest to Italian with 89% of the word roots. Next is Catalan with 87%. Next is Sardinian (Sardinians also speak Italian) with 85%. Next is Spanis (MORE)
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What languages do Italian people speak?

  In Italy they speak Italian. In upmarket hotels and restaurants and some shops the staff usually speak English, too. They speak Italian
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What kind of grammatical arrangement do the English and Italian languages have?

Subject-verb-object are the grammatical arrangements of the English and Italianlanguages. Specifically, the person or thingthat is responsible for the action generally come (MORE)

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