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What is iterator?

Answer . Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says, "In computer science , an iterator is an object which allows a programmer to traverse through all the elements of a co (MORE)

What does iteration mean?

Iteration is the continuous repetitition of an operation or procedure. Though it has application in mathematics, the term is heavily used in computer programming where it is (MORE)

What is definite iteration?

Definite interations: Repeated sequence of calculations/ operations for a fixed number of repetitions. (Do or For loop). Indefinite iteration: no set limit on iterations, gen (MORE)

What is the iterative waterfall?

Iterative waterfall model is a software process model also called the incremental process model.
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What is an iterative resolution?

Resolvers in client software such as a web browser, are not designed to hunt down answers about hosts and domains on their own. They rely on the local DNS server to do this fo (MORE)

What is a iteration in geometry?

Iteration, in mathematics, is a process of solving an equationnumerically. Iteration involves making an estimate for a solutionto a problem. That, estimate is used as an input (MORE)