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What is ITIS?

It is a medical suffix that means an inflammatory condition orirritation. Blepharitis - Inflammation of the eyelids Conjunctivitis - Inflammation of the conjunctiva of the ey (MORE)
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The suffix itis means?

As I understand it the suffix "-itis" is used when regarding an inflammation.   * Tonsilitis: an inflammation of the tonsils  * Laryngitis: an inflammation of the larynx  (MORE)

What are some words with the suffix -ity?

Some words with the suffix -ity are: affinity, alacrity, bestiality, brevity, capacity, comity, contiguity, deformity, dexterity, divinity, electricity, extremity, felicity, (MORE)

What are medical words that end with -itis?

-itis is a suffix meaning "inflammation." words that include itare: . adenitis . alveolitis . angiitis . aortitis . appendicitis . arteritis . arthritis . asynclitis (MORE)

What does the word part ity mean?

It means the state, or condition of. For instance, intensity refers the state or condition of being intense. Some more examples: pious - piety inferior - inferiority
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Words that end in suffix ity?

Words that end with the suffix "ity" include abnormality,  affability, complexity, an favorability. Other words ending in the  "ity" suffix include docity and durability.
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What are Three word with the root ity?

"ity" is not a root; it is a suffix that acts to create a noun (much like "ness"), for example,    sanctity  animosity  duplicity 
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