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Who did Ivan the terrible hate?

He may have hated some of the nobility, or he may have hated no  one. He was a very good leader at times, and at other times, he was  dangerous and unstable. We can't be sur (MORE)

Who is Ivan Kagame?

Cyomoro Ivan Kagame, also known as Ivan Kagame or Yvan Kagame is the son of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. His mother Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame is the first lady of Rwanda (MORE)

What is a crazy Ivan?

A "Crazy Ivan" is US Navy slang for a sudden, extreme turn by a  submerged submarine.   It was used to mean what a Soviet submarine captain did during the  Cold War when (MORE)

Who is Ivan parlor?

Ivan parlor is a Russian psychologist who discovered a key point in the the theory of behavior by using a bell to make a dog produce saliva because the dog paired the ringing (MORE)

Who was Ivan Cousins?

Ivan Cpusins met Dorothy D. McWilliams (sister to Julia Childs) at Bennington College in Vermont, later courted her in France, and married her on June 23, 1951 in New York. He (MORE)
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What prison did Ivan Boesky go to?

Ivan was sentenced to 3 years at The Lampoc Correctional complex in Santa Barbara county CA. He was housed in the Lampoc Federal Prison Camp, a minimum security camp he only s (MORE)

What did Ivan Pavlov do?

Ivan Pavlov was known for his contribution of classical conditioning in the field of psychology. He first started by studying the digestive patterns of his dogs. He build a de (MORE)