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What is a crazy Ivan?

A "Crazy Ivan" is US Navy slang for a sudden, extreme turn by a  submerged submarine.   It was used to mean what a Soviet submarine captain did during the  Cold War when (MORE)
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Where does Ivan Parker live?

Ivan lives in Nashville,Tennesee.He lives with his wife Teresa and his son Josh is I think still in college.Ryan,his other son,lives in San Antonio,Texas and married to John H (MORE)

Does Ivan l moody have a child?

Yes he does has a daughter with a girl by the name of Mona Lucero but Ivans mom is raising the child
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What good things did Ivan the Terrible do?

Ivan the Terrible expanded Russia and gave it a better army. Also, as the first Russian Czar/Tzar scholars and artisans were brought. Ivan created northern trade routes with E (MORE)

Who is Ivan parlor?

Ivan parlor is a Russian psychologist who discovered a key point in the the theory of behavior by using a bell to make a dog produce saliva because the dog paired the ringing (MORE)

Where is Ivan soulsinger in wizard 101?

You have to get a side quest from Sunbrand in the Drake hatchery. Other than that, Ivan Soulsinger is in flamewind tower.
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Who was Ivan Cousins?

Ivan Cpusins met Dorothy D. McWilliams (sister to Julia Childs) at Bennington College in Vermont, later courted her in France, and married her on June 23, 1951 in New York. He (MORE)

Who did Ivan III marry?

Ivan III first married Maria Borisovna (Maria of Tver) who died in 1467. He then married Sophia Palaiologina, who was the niece of Constantine XI, the last emperor of the Byza (MORE)