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What is cultured ivory?

The term "Cultured Ivory" is a misnomer. A cultured pearl is made by a perfectly spherical plastic bead placed between the living oyster and its protective shell. This irritat (MORE)

Do rhinos have ivory?

Technically rhino horns are made of hair not "dentine" material, which is the material that makes up elephant tusks, however they are often referred to as "ivory". So it dep (MORE)

Ivory coast capital?

The capital city of Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro. Abidjan was theformer capital until 1983. Abidjan is a much larger city.
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Is ivory a noun?

Yes, the word ivory is a noun , a word for the hard,off-white substance that an animal's tusks are made of; or a palewhitish yellow color; a word for a thing. Example uses: (MORE)
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What is faux ivory?

Faux means it is fake or imitation, similar to fake pearls, but not the genuine thing. Regarding ivory, faux ivory is similar in appreance but carved from bone, but not elepha (MORE)

What was ivory made of?

Elephants have two tusks, which are made of ivory. The tusks grow to the right and the left sides of their trunks. Elephants can use their tusks to fight and to dig. People us (MORE)