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What is old ivory?

Ivory is a material which is harvested from animal teeth, bones, or  tusks, often used in carvings or embellishments. While popular up  through the 19th century, the ivory t (MORE)

What is ivory?

Ivory is an elephant tusk that is made into slates for carving. It is also a shade of off-white.   It's the name for the substance that makes up elephants tusks.
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Is there ivory on the Ivory Coast?

No. Ivory sales in Cote d'Ivoire are strictly prohibited and  tightly watched. Elephant populations of western Africa were  decimated by the trade in ivory. Beginning in the (MORE)

Do saddles have ivory in them?

Saddles now a day are usually made out of leather. Ivory is illegal, what part would we even use it on? Usually all of the harder parts like the stirrups and the d rings are m (MORE)