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What Does the J stand for in Michael J Fox?

The "J" in "Michael J. Fox doesn't stand for anything. His birth name is "Michael Andrew Fox," but when he registered for the Screen Actor's Guild, the name "Michael Fox" was (MORE)

Where is Crown J from?

  Crown J was originally born in the United States, when coming to Korea, he brings his U.S. sense of hip-hop into the Korean hip-hop scene. He's currently aired on a Kore (MORE)

What does c j in madame c j walker stand for?

C. J. stands for "Charles Joseph." As a married woman, Madam Walker used the initials of her third husband's name. Her birth name was Sarah Breedlove. When she married Charles (MORE)

What are words with j?

jail jam jar jump judge jewel juice jeans journey
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Who is Stevie J?

He is an American musician, singer, record  producer, & songwriter.