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What muscles are used while throwing a jab?

The Jab involves several muscle groups working together to create optimal force and torque. Serratus AnteriorPectoralis Minor/MajorDeltoidTricepsTrapezius Levator scapulae (MORE)

Do flu jabs bleed?

They usually don't, but they can. Typically only a few drops on a band aid. They are usually given IM (intramuscularly) and so there is a possibility that the needle will go t (MORE)

Can you have a flu jab if you have a cough?

Usually, yes. However, if you have a fever with the cough, you should wait until the fever is over before getting the flu vaccination. They recommend waiting 48 hours after a (MORE)

Do jabs hurt?

Not too badly, and very briefly. don't be tense because it wil hurt more, just try to relaxe i know it's hard but just try. and eat breakfast that morning.
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Can you go swimming after a flu jab?

yes. medically there is no affiliation with going in the water and a flu. its human nature to assume that the water is cold hence increase the persons cold/flu.
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What muscles are used in the jab?

  Answer   Chest, tricep, shoulder, possibly hips (if jabber turns waist to put more power into it), possibly quadricep of rear leg (if jabber pushes off of back leg (MORE)

Can you have the cervical cancer jab if your not a virgin?

yes you can, its better if your cervix isn't broken, because then its more effective, but if your not a virgin the cancer jab will still be just as effective.
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Is the cervical cancer jab painful?

The first one is like a tiny prick   The second one hurts a bit more   And the third one feels the same as the first one   Don't tense your arm and relax!
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What is a sealed jis jabs report?

Judicial Access Browser System (JABS) - this application was built to provide a simplified view of criminal history and other offender profile information. It is available to (MORE)