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What muscles are used while throwing a jab?

The Jab involves several muscle groups working together to create optimal force and torque. Serratus AnteriorPectoralis Minor/MajorDeltoidTricepsTrapezius Levator scapulae (MORE)

Do flu jabs bleed?

They usually don't, but they can. Typically only a few drops on a band aid. They are usually given IM (intramuscularly) and so there is a possibility that the needle will go t (MORE)

Can you have a flu jab if you have a cough?

Usually, yes. However, if you have a fever with the cough, you should wait until the fever is over before getting the flu vaccination. They recommend waiting 48 hours after a (MORE)

Do jabs hurt?

Not too badly, and very briefly. don't be tense because it wil hurt more, just try to relaxe i know it's hard but just try. and eat breakfast that morning.
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What muscles are used in the jab?

Answer . Chest, tricep, shoulder, possibly hips (if jabber turns waist to put more power into it), possibly quadricep of rear leg (if jabber pushes off of back leg).

What is a sealed jis jabs report?

Judicial Access Browser System (JABS) - this application was built to provide a simplified view of criminal history and other offender profile information. It is available to (MORE)