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What did ibn al-haytham invent?

In the year 1011, Ibn Al-Haytham was retained under house arrest.  It is during this period that Ibn al-Haytham composed his most  original scientific achievements that repr (MORE)

Who was Bilal ibn Rabah?

Bilal Ibn Rabah was an Ethiopian, born in Makkha in the late 6th century, sometime between 578 and 582. The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) chose a former African slave Bilal as his m (MORE)
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What are the contribution of jabber bin hayyan?

Contribution of JABBIR BIN HAYYAN..1) He give the concept of geological formation of metals. 2) Jabbir bin hayyan modified the Greek concept of element. 3) He improved the pro (MORE)

Why is ibn battuta important?

he is important by his journeys -------------------------------------------- Ibn Battuta is important because of the fact that he actually documented or recorded all of his t (MORE)

Fullform of CNN ibn?

CNN is the Cable News Network and IBN is Islamic Broadcasting Network     Cable News Network-Indian Broadcasting Network (CNN-IBN)
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How many wives did ibn battuta have?

Ibn Battuta describes his travels in his three volume work. He rarely, however, mentions women in his life. From the information given in his work, to the best of knowledge an (MORE)

Why think he was important by ibn battuta?

Because ibn Battuta, the Arab traveler who has exceeded all traveler of his time and cut about approximately 75 thousand miles in his travels. It is also the only travelers in (MORE)

Who was Ibn Sina?

Ibn Sina commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna (c. 980 C.E. - 1037 C.E.) was a Muslim polymaths and the foremost physician and philosopher of his time. He m (MORE)

What did Jabir ibn Hayyan discover?

Jabir ibn Hayyan (aka Geber) was an Arabic mathematician who  discovered many of the properties of chemicals. He is credited with  inventing the alembic, an early form of di (MORE)