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How do you go from Bristol airport to Cardiff?

Your best option would be to get the Bristol Flyer bus service to Bristol Temple Meads train station, and onwards from there to Cardiff. When booking train tickets, you can se (MORE)
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Why did Cardiff bay get rundown?

The Bay was in fact the Docks area of Cardiff. In the early 1940 to 1960 the area was very industrial with coal and steel being shipped from the Valleys. The area was a hard p (MORE)

What is a jack?

It is a device used to raise the vehicle off the roadwheels so that work can be done beneath it.
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Where is Cardiff situated?

It is situated near the Glamorgan Coast, stretching westward from Penarth and Barry.Cardiff, located on the banks of the River Taff, is the capital and largest city of Wales. (MORE)
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What is Cardiff famous for?

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and home of the Welsh assembly building. Cardiff is also the location of the Millenium stadium and the location for filming of the BBC TV (MORE)
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What can you do in Cardiff?

Cardiff has a huge night life for those that enjoy a good food and a drink. There are several very good night clubs, museums, 2 Major theatres, a very good shopping complex, h (MORE)
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Why was the Cardiff Giant a hoax?

A man named George Hull of Cardiff New York, an atheist, had gotten into a heated argument with a fundamentalist minister over a passage in Genesis that said that giants once (MORE)