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How do jack dempsey mate?

The pair will do a lot of mouth locking and wrestling as they try one another out. Then if they decide they are suited as partners they will clean a spot on the bottom of the (MORE)

How long do jack dempsey live for?

The larger the fish, the longer they can live. Bettas usually 2-3 years (closer to two). Large goldfish can live for decades. While a typical 10 inch Jack Dempsey can range be (MORE)

What fish can live with jack dempsey cichlids?

  The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is a a very aggressive fish and there really is no real "recommended" tank mate. Usually you are best of with Oscars and introducing them at a s (MORE)
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Can you keep swordtails with a jack dempsey?

no. the jack dempsey cichlid is highly aggressive. you might be able to get by with it for awhile but when the jack dempsey gets bigger there is no doubt that you might wake u (MORE)

Can Jack dempseys go with other jack dempseys?

Provided the tank is large enough and the fish are of a similar size there should be no proplems until a couple pair off and decide to breed. Then, if you don't have the facil (MORE)

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