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How long do jack dempsey live for?

The larger the fish, the longer they can live. Bettas usually 2-3 years (closer to two). Large goldfish can live for decades. While a typical 10 inch Jack Dempsey can range be (MORE)
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Is Patrick dempsey Jewish?

Apparantly he is of partial jewish ancestry, on his mother's side, according to a site on the internet. But he was raised in a catholic school by his father. He does not like (MORE)

What fish can live with jack dempsey cichlids?

  The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is a a very aggressive fish and there really is no real "recommended" tank mate. Usually you are best of with Oscars and introducing them at a s (MORE)
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Who is Dempsey Andrews?

DEMPSEY ANDREWS, is a young Ice Figure Skater who has made headline news across the UK with her unique talent on the ICE from a young age of 6yrs old. She is the youngest in t (MORE)

How do you email Patrick Dempsey?

  Assuming you have his email address and you have an email account the steps are as follows:   # Open your email client  # Select Compose Mail  # Enter his email a (MORE)

Is Patrick dempsey single?

  On July 31, 1999, Dempsey married Delux Beauty founder Jillian Fink - The couple have three children: a daughter, Tallulah Fyfe, born on February 20, 2002, and twin sons (MORE)