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What type of guitar does Jack Johnson use?

Jack Johnson uses Cole Clark acoustic guitars (The exact guitar is a Cole Clark FL2AC). Cole Clark is an Australian guitar company. Ben Harper also uses their acoustics from t (MORE)
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What songs does jack Johnson sing?

Songs that Jack Johnson sings are 1. Banana Pancakes 2. Upside Down 3. Hope 4. Never Know 5. Flake 6. If I Had Eyes 7. You and Your Heart 8.Sitting, Wishing, Waiting 9. The H (MORE)

Is Jack Johnson a vegetarian?

Yep, but not a really strict one anymore. I think he said he waves it ocassionally if people cook for him without checking or something. He used to be a strict vegetarian, ins (MORE)

Which song does jack Johnson swear in?

Gone: "gone, going. Gone everything. Gone, give a dam*." Rodeo Clowns: "He got the plan, with the million dollar give a dam*." Cookie Jar: "If we want hel*, then hel*'s wh (MORE)

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