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What drugs did Jack Kerouac use and What drugs are used in On the Road?

1. He used Marijuana, Alcohol and Amphetamine "Speed" (not meth!) 2. In the movie they use Benzedrine inhalers as they smashed to take out the content. Benzedrine was an Amphe (MORE)

Did jack kerouac have schizophrenia?

No. He was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 20 by a Navy doctor who discharged him as unsuitable for military service. He lacked key symptoms such as hearing voic (MORE)

Was Jack Kerouac an atheist?

No, he was raised as a Catholic. He also wrote a great deal about Buddhist philosophy.
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What book does Jack Kerouac read on the Steve Allen Show?

???   He reads the final paragraph from his most famous novel "On The Road" and it is really awesome...worth finding and watching. The reading can be found in the documen (MORE)

What is a jack?

It is a device used to raise the vehicle off the roadwheels so that work can be done beneath it.
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What did Jack Kerouac die from?

  He died from a massive abdominal hemmorage (sp?). He was an alcoholic and it killed him in the end.
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Is Jack Kerouacs view of America hopeful or hopeless use details to describe why you think so?

Jack Kerouac's travels, along with his opinions and his state of mind, varied from day to day or week to week. His innate personality was such that many readers either failed (MORE)
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Did jack kerouac write howl?

Jack Keourac wrote Howl while on a drug binge; Kerouac was on a series of hallucinogen drugs and he wrote Howl in a stream of consciousness state of mind. From BlergK: No, J (MORE)
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Was jack kerouac genius?

Jack kerouac was an American novalist and poet. Yes he was  intelligent and recognized for his method of spontaneous prose.
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