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What hobbies did Jack London do?

  he liked to fish, and go sailing. he also enjoyed spending time at his ranch. also was a gold prospector. and lastly he liked to write. shocker? right? and yea if your d (MORE)

What inspired Jack London to write?

Jack London was inspired to write from all of his life experiences. He used situations such as his family, which consisted of a wandering astronomer, and a spiritualist, and h (MORE)

Why did Jack London die?

ureical poisoning? not sure how to spell it, but he had many heath problems and one was ureical poisoning. its when you cant go go to the bathroon, or the disposing of waste t (MORE)

How did Jack London die?

Jack London died on November 22nd, 1916 after injecting himself with an overdose of morphine. Some beilieve this action to be intentional.
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South of the Slot by Jack London?

"South of the Slot" by Jack London is about a sociology professor  who wants to see how the other half lives. So, he goes to work at a  menial job in the southern part of th (MORE)

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