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What is the value of a Royal Bank of Scotland Five Pound Jack Nicklaus banknote?

  The RBS Jack Nicklaus commemorative £5 notes are dated 14th July 2005 and have a serial number starting with "JWN", his initials.   In terms of eBay resale value, in (MORE)

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How old was Jack Nicklaus when he won his 15th major?

46_ Nope I believe this earlier answer is confused with his 18th major. In 1978, at age 38, Nicklaus won the British Open. This was his 15th major championship victory.
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How did Jack nicklaus get his nickname?

  Jack Nicklaus gained the nickname "Fat Jack" prior to achieving status as "The Golden Bear." Nicklaus received the nickname due to his blond, slightly golden hair.